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Long over due, I finally came out to my religious aunt from Canada. Mother and I were in a group chat on MSN with her. We got along with many gossips and some how she blantly told me to find a girlfriend and get it over with. I sorta told her that I dont ever plan on dating girls at all. She didnt get it for a moment *pauses*. Told me whatever happened to the girl from Midland. Im like we are like best of friends. I sorta like boys, you know. *pause* So? What does it make any differance, she says. *mom imz me on another chat* IM PROUD OF YOU! im like im used to it but it was you that didnt want to tell them, mom. she then told me * I THINK SHE ALREADY SUSPECTED* Well like duh, they should since ive been wearing gay shirts, painting my nails and stuff like that. Isnt that obvious?!

But anyway, it sorta felt once again liberating.