You don't know until you've tried it

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I don't think I'll fully know until I've had a relationship with a girl.

And it seems like that will nnneeeevvvveeerrr happen at this rate!

blah. as petty as this may be, it's truly the source of much frustration.


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I feel your pain...

I totally know what you're feeling...I'm nearly positive that I'm gay, but I've never had any sort of relationship with a girl, never kissed one, nothing. So there's that tiny inkling of doubt...what if I'm wrong...what If I'm not really attracted to women and I just think I am. I'd like to start dating, to get out and really live life, but I have no clue where to start, and at the rate I'm going it looks like I I'll be lucky to have a date by senior year...:P (I'm a freshman in college).


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I felt that way...

... but the first time you kiss her, whoever she is, everything will just fall into place. It'll feel right. It's like coming home to the home you always wanted but never knew existed.

Don't worry. It will happen. Step back and allow it to slide into your life.