You have now entered the twilight zone...

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So, it was a Friday evening with my friends, albeit, Valentines day. My dear friend Ash was celebrating her 18th a day early. So a collective group of one lesbian, my dear boifriend, and other associated heterosexuals one being of a non descript sexuality (which comes into play later) with whom I was formerly the best of friends with until we had a falling out. We had not spoken for months.

So one friend is an hour and a half late, and that was the normal part of the evening. As we walk across the street, a a man who is the negligent boyfriend of one of my friends. Instead of acknowledging her on Valentines Day, he drops his head, crosses the street, then runs across another.

I am the only other witness to this as she bursts into tears. I flip out in anger and non-descript bolts out in the direction I pointed. I get my phone, and follow off in search.

We don't find him in Old Town Pasadena, but we find each other and walk in search together sharing joint anger. Then a car whistles and we both flip him off then she laughs and we sit down for a moment, then get up and go on with the anger. We stop by the Equator which is a kick ass coffee place when she is jump attacked by a girl. I walk off thinking it's one of her random friends. She catches up and then shares it's a girl whom she had kissed and whom caused a distress in figuring out her sexual identity. This girl is a bit crazy and paranoid however.

So then we walk and begin sharing what's been happening the past few months of our lives when she stops to light a cigarette. I, being a second hand smoker rather enjoy it. She then says, "I always wondered why we didn't sleep together. You were always at my house." And I ask, "Did you expect me to hit on you?" And she says she was surprised she didn't initiate it.

So I enjoy my cigarette, we see some random people from school and resume walking. Then, there comes crazy who sees us together and pulls her away down an alley. I can't decide to wait or go to find the group. Crazy tells me to wait and my ?friend? waves me away. I wait. She joins up and I ask what she wanted. Crazy asked if we were together, and my friend told her we were. So now I have an angry dyke after me and I haven't done a thing with this girl, and quite honestly, I don't think I should so much.

We walk on, find the group at a resteraunt and eat. The night is uneventful for the rest of the evening.

It was just a bit odd.


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i was there...

as her boifriend, i witnessed the falling out and i knew something would happen that night... ;)

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Loves! And you didn't know


And you didn't know a thing.