7 days, stoners and the SFPD

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Only 7 more days, OMG that is so fucked up...in a good and bad way!
I am so excited for tomorrow i get to see my 3 loves, fuck i miss em all so much! we are gonna have an awsome time...whatever we do, it is gonna be a party. I really do wanna go get all fucked with em, but ya know i will be fine if we stay clean all night, just a little let down. I hope i don't fuck this up, i feel so awsome, and if i blow this it will be bad news. what to do, what to do!?
Oh yeah and the SFPD is so fucked up, i am ashamed to live here with them, they are so fucked...i have always been deathly afraid of cops, but now it is so much more!