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Thats the one thought raging through my head....I think Chris is completely gone. Atleast the Chris I once knew. He is completely psycotic now! One moment I am like his best friend the next I am some raving bitch who couldnt mean less to him. I really dont need this right now either. Its scary because recently he has gotten violent. He completely flipped out on me today, and with my past, it just makes me want to run away from the world. I dont understand why he is acting like such a little kid. I mean it makes no sense. We are in high school not first grade, you cant always get what you want. So yah apparently I am just a bitch and no one should give two shits about me! ::walks off to find a cliff to dive off of:::


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Cliff jumping is my thing! Get your own death wish! He was all funny and nice at lunch today, and usually hes all cranky. What is that? Maybe hes bipolar or something....

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I dont know....

what is up with him. Its weird. ::shrugs:: fine I shall drown myself somehow....or just live with it. Prolly the latter of the two. Lol. Such a dumb blonde....

~Lisa Fairy~

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That sounds like a scary, shitty, possibly dangerous situation. Why are you in it?

Please don't think this condescending or crass, I ask only because I want to know. I mean, I am both of those things, don't get me wrong. Just not at this very moment.

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I was very good friends with Chris over the past two years and gradually he started to change dramatically and he went through some personal issues that I was there for him through. Suddenly however it has gotten way out of hand. He has gotten way too attached to my friend Tricia but he treats her amazingly one minute and terribly the next. Its not healthy and I want to help but him and Tricia because its starting to become a scary situation. They both come to me to talk, but both have opposite stories. I am just stuck in the middle of two good friends and I have no clue what to do for either of them. This is just getting to stressful for me to handle.
~Lisa Fairy~

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We're all here for you hon... even if you are still angry at me, I do still care. He has changed, scarily so I agree. I don't know what to do... He needs help, and not just from friends. He can't go on treating people this way. ~dragon fairy~

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I dont doubt....

that you care,but it still doesnt change the fact that I feel hurt. I have been hurt so often that now I build up a defensive wall and block people out. I am just fucked up like that. But dont worry about it. I will deal with it. I probably should have been more careful. Whatever. Too stressed to deal with everything now....
~Lisa Fairy~