Oh yeah! I'm all gung-ho! Pleased as peach to be a fruit! End the homophobia and heterosexism!
30% (19 votes)
Ugh, I can't stand those heterosexist pigs!
33% (21 votes)
Homophobes are uhh... mean! Yeah, thats it!
22% (14 votes)
Don't hurt me! Ahh, scarey straight people!
8% (5 votes)
Wha? Homophobia? Heterosexism? :o
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 63


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A friend told me about a shirt that has a slogan people came up with to battle all the "it's so gay" and "isn't that gay" trend: The shirt says "STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE GAY."
How hilarious is that?! Vel

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That's fucking awesome. I'm gonna have to make one.

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