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i'm just confoosed. (yes i purposely spelled that wrong. long story) anywho... i always thought i was straight. completely and totally. but now i like one of my girlfriends, and definitely not in the sisterly type of like. it's more the if-we-were-alone-i-would-totally-jump-on-you-right-now type of like. and i know she's bi. (this is a frequent topic of conversation). yet i also still like my guy friend. and the weird thing for me is that if she said she had the same feelings for me i would be all over her in a hot second. and i can't talk to any of my friends about stuff like this. the only friend i have who is like me is her. and no matter what gender, it's always hard to say you have a crush on a person.


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well if you know she is bi then telling her you have feelings for her would be easier than is she was straight right? if you dont want to tell her right away, then watch for hints that she likes you or drop some of your could always talk to her as well...i mean you are friends and if she openly talks about her being bi shouldnt turn out to bad

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i know exactly how you feel.

i know exactly how you feel. do you prefer her to your guy friend? im seieng someone, i had a thing with girl firend of mine, now im confused too. sucks dont it. when it comes down to it i guess knowone can help, its not the sort of thing that just magically goes away and sorts itself out. i guess you've gotta just figure out who you liek more in the long run. ha i so shoudl take my own advice. but yeah, dont stress yourself out, try an figure it out , hang out with them both an see what happens?