Ain't Misbehavin' (yet)

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Hello, hello!

I figured since I'm in the last part of my Spring Break, I'd write and let everybody know how things are going. Not much happening, as a matter of fact, but that may change rather quickly....

First, as I write, I'm waiting a confirmation for a lunch date with a guy I know. >:-D Let's hope I stay for breakfast, too.

I also got my pictures back from the developer--I took my camera on all sorts of trips with the band, and I was waiting to use the rest of the film so I could develop them. The picture I was MOST interested in was the one with me and Lou Rawls, because he's just so fabulous and wonderful. :-D

I got my student loan in the other day, so that means I have money! Yay for money! I paid off some much-needed bills, and so for the moment, I'm doing fine. Now if I could only do something about cleaning this apartment.

The gay men's chorus concert is next week! Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! If people only knew how fabulous of a concert it's going to be, we'd have been sold out LONG ago. But the weak economy and the war situation hasn't helped our ticket sales. :-

I found out that one of my old jazz band director's heath is taking a turn for the worse. He has CLL and they're going to start chemo treatments pretty soon. Being a feisty, active old man, it's going to be hard for him to cancel all his festival and clinic appearances for the next several months. Wish him lots of good luck and good fortune!

Saturday, I'm going to have lunch with another guy (he's 46). We're just friends, however--although I know he has a thing for me. :-P He's an absolute delight to be around, and he's just a joy to spend time with. Yay for non-dates! *lol*

Ok kids, that's it for me. I've gotta go iron and get some clothes on! Much love to y'all, and remember to behave, and I'll be writing soon!