And the Heart-Eating Monsters Struck Down Upon Me...

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After all these months of pining away, trying my hardest to catch you... to hold you, just once, and being able to say you were truly mine... I've found that all my hard work was in vain. I never had a chance with you, did I? You lied to me when you said I might have a chance in the future. You raised my hopes, and just as quickly struck them down with your words, in writing. You forget, I read your live journal as well...

Why didn't you just tell me I had no chance?
Why did you lead me on like that?
Why did you bring my hopes up, then squelch them like a bug?
Why did you think I thought it was only "just a hug"?
Why did you do these things to me?
Why did you make me believe in things that would never be?

I guess now I know... I'll never be who you want, nor who you need...

I've officially closed this chapter of my life, for I must now retrieve the shards of my shattered heart....


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oh whoah is me

the drama is riviting. - petra