any gay guys 13 yrs old?

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hey name is James and im 13...i live in NY and I want someone to talk to my age. if u are near my age plz talk to me


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m 14(near ur age) except 4 the fact that m a bi girl...hmm...2 bad!
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do u still wanna talk?? i have aim do u? my sn is supermander2002

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14-year-old lesbo here. There are a couple thirteen-year lesbians I know about on Oasis (dragon and rachelle), and I believe on the old-site there was a thread of "thirteen and out kids" in the forum. If you mention it, you could get some names from the old site.

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hey jay

I'm 14 but not in NY but if you want to talk my aol sn is brandomaniac88 and my e-mail is
love peace and chicken grease

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Jail Bait?

Can everyone say Jailbait?

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jailbait>> buffy joke

just to add to jb's jailbait joke qoute from "Buffy"
"first word jail second word bait"
tee heee.
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not a joke and not buffy

my jailbait comment is not a joke nor from buffy. the term was not coined on buffy, contrary to your small beleifs, and i am dead serious, a 13 year old is jailbait.

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I'm way out of your age range

I'm way out of your age range, but you might want to post an ad at - you might have more luck there.