Anyone out there who's kicked the habit?

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I've been smoking now for eight years, and gone through several "quitting" spells, but it's never really taken for any longer than a week (that was the longest, usually it's more like a day, maybe two). In a perfect world, I'd have enough pot to smoke a joint every time I wanted a cigarette, and I really think I could be off the bastardly things. But I'm a pack-a-day guy most days, and twenty joints a day (which is actually a really conservative estimate, if you think about it) for, let's say, a week, would cost me something like three or four hundred bucks, and I don't have that kind of money. Yes, I've given this some thought.

So how about you? Any inspiring tales of beating the filthy tar dragon? Pearls of wisdom? Advice? The life you save could be my own...

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Nail biting

I used to have a nail biting habit that wouldnt go away, but then I became so queer I decided to use the nail clipper in exchange for biting.

Its all about will power honey. You have to want to quit.

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the patch

use it.



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Four letters: W-E-E-D

Actually, no, I just felt compelled to write that. I don't smoke, but many quitting smokers I've met have tried substitutes like hard candy (especially those hard suckable caramels) and celery. Just be sure to have a pair of handcuffs handy in the event that your withdrawal symptoms get so bad you start having homicidal urges.