Appropriate Locker Room Conversation

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How do you think same sex bathrooms and locker rooms should be treated? How out are you to your sports teams or people you are in compromising situations with? Im on a swim team and the only reason I didn't come out long ago to them was I didn't want to make the girls uncomfortabe in the locker room.

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I had P.E course in high school and at the time I was outted. When I was getting changed in the boys locker room I was cornered near the edge where the shower nook was and then was harrased. They wanted to know stuff such as blow jobs and jacking off, I felt really offended and scared at the same time so I hollored at them to shut the fuck up. Thanks god for the P.E teacher walked in before then and they scattered. That was once that ever happened to me. I guess he told them off or somthing becuase they came to me and apologized. The P.E teacher came to me privately and told me to report to him at once if it happened again. Of course I wouldnt cuz people would think im a sissy or weakly person. Thinking back to the old times, its nervewecking but I stood up for myself at the very least, becuase im not a coward.

So other than that, I wouldnt know how to handle that sisuation becuase I got scared but at least I would stand up for myself and tell them to get lost. I wont take the abuse.

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yah at my old school there was a bi girl and no one would cahnge near her. personnally i didnt care, its not like she was perverted. This year i had a gymish thing and i would never come out in that class. I wouldnt want to make other girls uncomfterble and i wouldnt want to be harassed either. Thats pretty sad, if people wouldnt be so stupid id come out but not for now cuz theyd think im a perv.

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Someone in my PE class was ou

Someone in my PE class was out and he didn't get any grief for it. He may have been the butt (no pun intended) of a few jokes in good humor though.

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Well ...

"hey boy , i was.. thinking .. we could do something .. dirty.. "


"soccer practice .. suck suck suck soccer practice"

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Not HIM again!!!!

Not HIM again!!!!