bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitchrant rant rant rant rant rant

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this is me bitching and ranting. alright. so on saturday i went to go see my favorite independant artist, Tanner Walle, perform at The C-Note in the village. okay, i get there,and despite his website saying all ages, it was 21 and older. not cool. so i tell him and his reply on his message board is:
Oh Nick, silly kid. I could have got you in. They weren't checking id's. That sucks...
Oh well, there's always next time. We had a great time and a great time will be had once again...
Thanks for the effort!

so of course, my reply was:
well, what a thing to assume. how would i have gotten in touch with you to say ::in my most sarcastic voice:: "hey guy i have no way of getting in touch with that ive never met who also has no clue what i look like! sneak me and my underage friends illegally into a bar, especially when the two of them look 14! yay!" also, when a person blew a day walking around the city, and then couldnt see one of their favorite artists, when they were standing outside the venue, one wouldnt be recommended to refer to the bitter youth as "kid". it was money to get into the city, and money to get home, and 2 hours each ways. not inclined to be thanked for the effort. dont think im evil or anything. just tried to have a good reaction to losing a day and not getting to see an artist, and probably just took to your reply wrong. but im sure glad you had a great time. the bus was sure fun on the way home.

i couldnt believe how he could assume id have a way of getting in touch with him. like i have his fucking cell phone number. what shit is that? im supposed to be able to just magickally telepathically contact him? thats shit. i can believe that. i dont get it. maybe im just a moron but ewww! fuck him. nice guy he seemed, and ewww. what a stupid thing to say to me. i have the power to teleport back stage evidently. just bitchy of him, thats all. im hurt by his assumption. i really am, because i would have had no way of knowing his website was wrong and ugh. screw it. just fucking screw it. screw it screw it screw it screw it screw it. i guess im bitter i didnt get to see him. and he called me kid. kid. hes barely four years older and im kid. i was a freshman while he was a senior. ive fucked older than him. kid. FORGET HIM. im seventeen, not exactly in diapers.
just having a bad day. and he didnt exactly make the sunshine. i dont care though. its just ugh. i dont know. and so of course, i turn to schizofriend for his opinion, like hes soo smart or at least smarter than me. i guess you really cant change on demand what you think of a person. you hold them in high regard, its hard to snap out of it. and of course that "well, im so much smarter than you" attitude he has came out when i asked his opinion on my reply. "he was making jest of you" FUCK YOU MIKE! FUCK YOU! SO FUCKING HOLIER THAN THOU! GOD I WISH I HAD A 1560 ON MA S-A-T-S! SO THEN MAYBE I COULD KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO FUCKING FLY OVER EVERYONE ELSE AND BE A GODDAMNED GOD. FUCK YOU MIKE! FUCK YOU TWICE OVER! GLAD YOURS SO FUCKING PERFECT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (if this werent typed, id be crying by now.) SO TERRIFICALLY GLAD YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE WORLD AND LIFE AND EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT FOR YOU EXCEPT THE THINGS YOU GO ON AND ON ABOUT MAKE YOU MISERABLE THAT OUR MISERY CANT COMPARE TO. AND FUCKING VOICE OF REASON YOU ARE! AND WHILE IM ON IT FUCK YOU CHRIX! I WISH I COULD TOTALLY HIDE FROM MY EMOTIONS AND STILL BE A TORTURED CRAZY SON OF A BITCH. LA DE FUCKING DA! AND MRS. MICHNE! FUCK YOU YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,
k. done now. sorta.