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I have a question, why do some lesbians find manly looking women attractive? If they do then why don't they just get a man?

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Just for you love. xo....u we

Just for you love. xo....u were incredible last nite ;).

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Also, butch girls still have

Also, butch girls still have the womanly hugable fat as well as the protective muscle both of which make them incredible attractive as well as the fact that it's easy to tell they are gay and not go through the process of trying to work it out

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Hugable fat

::giggles:: I don't know why, but hugable fat.. that made me laugh. Oh, and also another side note. My girlfriend is a total boyish girl, when we classify her she is a soft butch. But she always tells me something that is really nifty "I'm not a butch, I'm me". It's refreshing to hear those words from someone who could so easily be labled.

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why don't they just "get a ma

why don't they just "get a man"? well, perhaps they just aren't attracted to men. i don't know how that question was supposed to sound, but it sure comes off as more of a sharp comment than a question.

on a slightly different note...
it seems to be just human nature to try to attempt to devide people into distinct categories. especially with gender....i'm transgender and some people act really scared/threatened by me. i'm not sure why people even bother extensively with the labels. perhaps because it's convienient. the girl i've been dating is pretty feminine, so i guess you could say i'm the butch one. (it all depends who's standards you go by...to the guys i'm somewhat of a femme, to the girls i'm rather butch). my girlfriend could say her identity as a lesbian is threatened by me, but she doesn't. she just insists that she just fell in love.

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i find even if a girl is tomboyish, shes still a girl. So to me what you call butch is just a more androgynous style, unless heshe has has gender problems. I find femmy girls and tomboyish girls attractive. it depends. and that comment was kinda rude.

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I know im a man

but I dont think what they prefer to be is their own to be. I am a femme boy, or so everybody says and I dont care if i meet a guy thats a butch , or such. I say no matter what they are, its them being happy that matters. :) Rosie O Donnel rocks!

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We're called lesbians for a reason, doll. We don't like men like that. Speaking as a girl who does't go for femmes at all...there is something either a tomboyish girl or one who makes you look twice and think "woah, boy or girl?" The only time I could see anyone asking why don't you just get a guy is if you're with a stone butch. But still, thats silly. Women, no matter how they identify have differnt traits than guys. But in conclusion- Butches rock.

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so true.

so true.

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How about long hair, feminine

How about long hair, feminine features, sexy body, AND a butchy character, rather than a crew cut, with boots and pants?

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I'm a boyish girl. And I hope women find me attractive.

"But what about the castle in the air?

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This is a question my straight sister would ask....

Masculine women are sexy as hell!!! I know its hard for some to understand...but they are. And NO its not the same as liking a guy. Well for starters they're not guys. I don't know why I find certain types of people more attractive than others...but I am sure that everyone can say the same.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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Some say I'm manly looking
I look a lot like my dad
I was born with a manly body but I'm a women
And I only dress like a guy because I was raped
I have Double D boobs and a big buy (not huge) but it showes
I feel uncomfortable when guys Check me out
I not in love with myself I know I have a good looking body and I will show it off but not unless I'm on a date because if a guy hits on me I feel that I am going to have to give him sex. But if Im with a girl and a guy sees me dressed up looking nice and with a lady I feel safe because all I have to do is hold her hand/Kiss her/ETC.. and I won't think about him hiting on me cuz I just told him He is out of my leage. We all have our own style, likes, dislikes, and ways. I don't know if what I said answer your question but I am trying to make a point. People do thing for a reason don't Judge them until you know what there reasons are. As a matter a fact here is a good QUESTION "Why Judge them at all."

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androgynous girls float my boat

My idea of butch is softcore i.e. Shane on the L word, or Michelle Rodriguez who is H-O-T!!!! Because I'm a pretty strong person, I'm attracted to strong people. Most girls who are slightly androgenous are pretty rebelious, cool, confident and POWERFUL. That's bloody sexy! It's the power that attracts me. It's a challenge. Plus it's great to be with someone who I know can dominate me - someone equal in strength to me.

Men are too easy. Too simple. And I get bored easily.

I love that women are enigmas - and what greater mystery is there than a woman than reminds you of a man, yet is so essentially female?

Signed: It's easy to see, I'm FABULOUS.

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Hell YA

Damn Right
You Go Girl

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question and yeah...

yeah but what makes butch.. butch/??
is it necessarily a manly woman and if so how many is manly???

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i love michelle rodriguez!!!

i love michelle rodriguez!!!

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"
"if young love is just a game then i must have missed the kick off"

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i feel all alone..lol

well personnally, im really not into butch girls. Softcores like Shane from L-Word i can deal with but anything more...no. I'm attracted to the feminine or average type. I'm what people would call a lipstick, but I can have a bit of a macho attitude when hitting on a girl..just a little. Theres something about the butch ones, I feel like they overdominate me and its such a turn-off, Id rather pursue than be pursued?? Does anyone feel the same :(

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I have the "rather pursue tha

I have the "rather pursue than be pursued" thing, for sure... I don't know tha I prefer girlie girls, though. No wait, I kind of do. Just a little.

So you're not alone. :)


These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.

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i feel the same,

that's the exact same way I feel

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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Some lesbians like rugged or

Some lesbians like rugged or tomboyish girls for the same reason that some straight chicks go crazy over pretty-boys and metrosexuals

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not obsessed with looks

I think some of the attraction for me is that most butch girls aren't worrying about looks so much, which I appreciate (i don't either.) But i also like more femme girls, cuz they also have interesting minds. It's not really about the looks. I'm bi. it's about the person.

"If gay and lesbian people are given civil rights, then everyone will want them!"

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I consider myself to be an an

I consider myself to be an androgynous kinda dyke.
Not so much that im regularly mistaken for a guy, but
im definitely not super feminine either. I kinda dress
like Shane from L word and have a similar haircut. As for butch
girls, I dont think its so much that they want to look
like a guy, but thats how they feel most comfortable.
Most of the butch girls ive met have been super sweet
and protective in a romantic way. Like they are most comfortable
taking on the "mans role" in the relationship. I think
thats why there are so many butch/fem steryotipical
relationships. I have been attracted to a couple butch girls,
but mostly slightly femme and androgynous girls. Its just my
personal preference, and usually has more to do with
personality than looks.

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Ooh, Shane look-alike! Post a picture!!! Pretty please, lol.


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its all about girls

yummm butch yummm femme.....yummm GIRLS.

no one can say why anyone goes for their "type", its just about what you like. there is someone for everyone, what difference does it make WHYthe are attracted to them, it only matters if they are or not.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Im a guy that loves butch girls

Im a black man that is dating a Dyke or butch girl right now. She look like a boy but im afraid to say that she looks attractive. Im afraid to hug her. Im afraid to touch her because she looks like a boy and its so much pressure on me. I think she understands how I feel but she still wants to date me she in love with me. Im afraid if I admit all these feelings for her and and I start touching her ill gain homophobia. What should I do yall?

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you know how some straight ch

you know how some straight chicks dig metrosexual dudes? same basic thing.

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mmm...i love butchy girls. I

mmm...i love butchy girls. I don't know why...but they are fucking HOTT!!! And NO it is not the same as a guy. I like women...not men. I do also like girls that are more femme at times...but my truest desires are for the butches *drools*.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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i don't agree

i don't agree with the whole just get a man comment but i go happen to mostly like fem but sometimes i do like sporty guys and their is a big difference between guys and girls even with the butchiest of butch and the girliest of guys

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thats funny. I never been into butch tho I like fem. so yea

peace and equality

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I loooove sexy femmeish girls

I loooove sexy femmeish girls who dance, they are the hottest girls in the whole friggin mooniverse!!! CHESS! they gottta be able to hold their own though, can't be a wuss, be willing to beat up anyone who messes with me...;)

eh, what're ya gonna do...

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butch girls DEFINETLY dont l

butch girls DEFINETLY dont look like men, completely different, and sooooooo much sexier...

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"
"if young love is just a game then i must have missed the kick off"

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Lets consult the Oxford Dictionary:
i quote:" Lesbian - a woman who is sexually attracted to another woman.
And yes you can categorise as you as you want and hell you can go full circle on it doing the double whammy but at the end of the day Fems and Butches, they are still women, not men. I mean theres a massive diff like the fact that we dont have 'chico-sticks'and they dont have the same 'pink bits', the way we think is diff and how we act. The whole their being a woman is what makes them so attractive to us Lezzies here in the corner.You can be as butch as you like and as Fem as you like either way its still hot

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you like who you like. appare

you like who you like. apparently my crush has been mistaken for a man before, and she totally looks like a girl! except her hands are a lot bigger than that of an average female.
that was really kind of irrelevant.

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