Can you say....

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GUILT TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do believe Chris hates me now, but I think I have the right to be angry. I mean I did call him a "fucking asshole" but that was after he shoved me out of the way and it was around four people. He yelled "Lisa your a bitch" down a whole hall of people!! But now I feel guilty and I am wicked upset. I hope he doesnt do anything stupid. Grumble.
Other than that....things are going all right. Cept my mother and her gf are trying to set me up with people!!! They do not need to be in any part of my love life what so ever! Especially if it involves the gf's niece. I mean they are getting married! That would be some form of incest or something! And what if we did get into a relationship? Then they would get married and somehow we would be related ::shudders:: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, uh I think for now thats it. At some point I am going to New Hampshire to some hotel that has some "family" week thing. Wonder what will happen there ::wink wink::....heh...yah right...Although that would make someone jealous and then maybe she would back off...but nah I dunno. What ever happens happens. And it depends on what things are going on in my life at the time I am going to that hotel place. The End.


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you have a right babe

Chris is stuck in toddler age... don't take everything he does to heart, sweetie.

~dragon fairy~

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Ko hun!
~Lisa Fairy~

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Teddy Grahams!

Ignore Chris, hes just weird. I can't tell whats for attention and whats just messed-upedness.
I know, I know!!! Beryl has an idea! *jumps up and down* You can bring the lesbian teddy grahams with you, and just tell everyone your taken! Unless of course you deside you don't want to be taken, and then you eat the lesbian teddy grahams! *slightly mad grin*

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LESBIAN TEDDY GRAHAMS!!!!!!! Lol. Funny stuff!
~Lisa Fairy~