can't turn back

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u know how you've lived ur life straight and lead everyone u know to believe so, then one day u realize how the hell do you explain these to your closest frens whom you've lied to constantly..........and also to those ppl you've dated......sigh.........

if you tell them you're gay, then wat about all the other girls you've can't tell them it's part of an act........that would be so mean........sigh......
this is bad.........i should leave the country or something


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You weren't consciously lying to them, though.

As for heterosexual couplings you got into, not worth stressing over. It was a part of your path to self-discovery. Not intentionally misleading. I do think they are valid relationships you had in your life, though. They don't become immediately discounted just because of this new direction.

That was your truth then. And you have a different truth now. Telling your friends just becomes a way to help them celebrate who you are, because you aren't asking for their blessing or approval.


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I agree

I agree with Jeff. This is your truth now, I think it is safe to say the conevntional "rules" for truth and relationshisps (ie: former str8 ones) don't all fall into the line. I myself had a few "heterosexual" encounters before i learned to embrace the cock. in the end, everything will be ok.

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Here here

And the truth'll set you free, baby. No shit.

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u guys rock!

after listening to you guys, it feels much better........but of course i don't expect everyone to embrace my new found "direction".
anyway, thanks ppl.