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I said once, back on the old Oasis, that I liked cleaning, because of its therapeutic properties.

Tonight that held true. I now have a clean apartment, clean clothes, clean bedding, and biscuits in the oven for breakfast tomorrow -- hopefully, they'll have a clean taste. And when they're done, a shower, and I'll go to bed tonight tired and pleased.

All of the working and running around (checking out a vacuum cleaner from the front desk, running laundry to and from the basement laundry room) was interspersed with fun moments.

Dancing to Tori (you gotta love her, you know?) in my carpeted living/sleeping room, surrounded by chairs as the linoleum in the kitchen/bathroom dried out.

Watching a bit of "Star Search" on the tv in the laundry room with another woman in my building and laughing at the comedian from New York. It was laughing in solidarity -- he really wasn't that funny.

And I thought about things. About my future, about my upcoming weekend. About things I need to fix, or don't.

My head is a little clearer. And I think that when I wake up tomorrow I'll tackle what comes with a little less anxiety.


Earlier today:

My therapist, smiling wryly, tells me that I've underestimated the strength of my will. "Lindsey, if there's one thing we've established, it's that no one can make you do anything if you don't want to do it."

Good words to take into the weekend. It seems to me that hidden in there is the idea that I can indeed do whatever I set my mind to.



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good luck

you sound pretty darn sorted missy! good luck
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I always feel so much better when my body and everything around me is clean. I think that it has something to do with the fact that it makes you feel so in control and productive, while letting you devote an entire evening to yourself and your things without the guilt of being selfish because you're "doing chores." It's nice. No worries:)
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All too true.

You're right. The biscuits tasted horrible, however, and my Saturday sucked. But tomorrow -- another chance to put all of these thoughts into practice.


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