closet bi, out of closet gay

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Ya, gotta say it's pretty annoying having dealt with my sexuality so much. I have to use the label of bi cuz it's the only thing that comes close. Trouble now is: I came out to my family as gay first. Now that I have a gf, it's becoming annoying. Though in reality, it's probably not big deal. They never believed I was gay because I didn't act the gay stereotype. Far from it in fact. Secondly, I don't care about my family much, so I prefer not to have them involved in my life. I've done so many things they'll never know about.'m mainly just bored and wanting to ramble I guess. Invader Zim wasn't on, I didn't get to watch The Tribe, and I haven't gotten the motivation to watch my eps of Amanda Hades...
Anyway, sorry for wasting space like this :P

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Anyway, sorry for wasting spa

Anyway, sorry for wasting space like this :P

don't feel sorry.

1) your not wasting space as I read it and found it interesting and realised that other people have the whole labeling themselves problem

2) there is plenty of space on oasis (unless i'm mistaken). I don't think that somehow (not sure how the site works) disk space or what ever it is stored on is limited