Damn It All!

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Why is this happening to me. My old, and I mean ancient, girlfriend is still in love with me, and because I am not paying attention to her, she is mopeing around. All my friends are feeling sorry for her and going against me, because I wont go back to her. They keep on telling me how she cries all the time, she won't stop complaining, and they believe she is suicidal, but I don't give a damn. Is that a bad thing? Hell, she is the most pathetic person alive, she is ugly (besides the great set she has), and she complains about her life constanly. Like if I wan't to know all about her life. Sigh. Even one of my best friends have gone under to her! She came at me in lunch today talking all this shit about it's my fault she is the way she is. But is it? I don't know anymore and I'm in a pase which I don't give a damn about anything right now.

Ok, people. I done rambling about nothings, but I would like to know if you think I should get back with the bitch, or stick it out and forget about her and all who are on her side. I'd take the second choice, but if their is a good reason I guess I can sway to the other.....