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All right, so this I guess is an attempt to compile everyone's ideas of a good date, places, things to do, etc. Personally, I am looking for something to do that parents will approve of, won't be too imposing and romantic for a shy partner, but this is just a list where everyone can post, have fun, get ideas... hey we are always in search of better things to do, and with spring on the way (yippee) figured this may get some posts.

Happy Trails!

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Coffee Shop

Arcade.....Restrant...... or do double dates with other friends so your parents can feel safer.

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Ideal date

diner and a movie (at a theatre) then danceing and drinks, then if yer lucky you can use condoms and lube!

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poolhall. drinks before, poss

poolhall. drinks before, poss dinner. then go to a gig? always good and you don't get too shy coz you're around lots of people.

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And for those of us who can't drive, have no money, and are waaayyy underage? lol
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Some ideas

No money? Hrm, that's going to be a bit tougher to find something interesting and fun to do. All the artsy fartsy stuff that I like to do (opera, symphony, eating out, etc.) cost money, so I guess those aren't much of an option for you.

If the weather's nice where you're at, you could always go for a picnic. Nature is always a wonderful thing that everybody can appreciate. I remember that my ex- and I took a walk down by the lake on our first date and fed the was WAY cool and we both had a good time.

Along the same lines, we have a few trails (if you know where to look) around here, and another date and I went hiking one time, which was also very enjoyable.

So there you have it--a few inexpensive ideas to get you started anyhow. Good luck!


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Since when does eating out cost money? :-)


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wait a second... what are you implying? lol
Hmm, people be creative here!! Okay my input that I can't do, but would be nifty:
1. Have a night in, make a picnic and decorate the house according to a season, get dressed for the occasion and have fun
2. Murder Mystery dinner (I'll explain if someone hasn't heard of them)

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It started costing money....

...ever since I decided to stop dating older men. :-D


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You mean in restaurants... yeah, that costs money. :-0

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tried and true

dinner, go to the mall, abercrombie and fitch or somewhere else stimulating and pick out outfits for the other to try on. (hint, tanktops and tight bootcut jeans work nicely) also, the gay guys who worked there got in on it too and were bringing us all kinds of stuff to try on. loads of fun if you're in the mood. then a later movie, 9:30 or so. NOT lord of the rings or gods and generals, you want a movie long enough to cuddle but not long enough that you rip a whole in your pants... sorry girls, guy talk. then you go to a park with a playground and play! but then... i had to go home and face my folks... perfect date ends here!

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This is so silly. but for the parent apporval thing we went to a bookstore and let our parents browse and whatever. Then we left and all went to dinner. Of course, sitting through dinner with parents is kind of nerve racking but Andy and I managed to sneak out back the resturant... as for romantic. You make your own romantic spots. My first kiss was behind an UNOs over looking a home depot(figures)

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My ideal date would be....

My ideal date would be April 28th. Not too hot and not too cold; all you need is a light jacket. (Thanks Ms. Congeniality)


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Goodness I love that move... *laughs, remembering other funny parts of it* Thanks for lightening my day. =D

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HAHAHA..... that is so ironic

HAHAHA..... that is so ironic, I asked my friend Zach what his favorite date was, implying as in two people date, but he answered that, lol...

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just an idea...

sometimes in my area there's free outdoor concerts by local choirs/orchestras/bands in the spring and summertime. you could look into one of those, because when the breeze is warm, and you and your date are on a blanket on the grass, looking up at the stars, it's nice (even if you don't like choir/orchestral music).

make sure it's not a church choir, etc. bad things could happen.

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walk and stars

my idea of a perfect date would be:
i would cook this really good supper (when i learn how to cook haha) you know all the courses nice dessert candlelight some soft jazzy music and then after go for a walk and watch the sunset if the sun is still up and then lay in each others arms in some field and watch the stars all night. thats me idea but im a bit of a romantic haha

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not too romantic

No, that would be awesome.

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