Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball

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Okay, so I know that statistically, video games are more of a male thing. I'm just wondering if any of the girls here are playing Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball.
The main attraction of the game is that it's just hot girls playing volleyball. As such, I couldn't really get into :)
Is anyone on this site playing it?

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never heard of it

ive never heard of it. what kind of system is it for?

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It's new. And aimed primarily at males, aged 13 to something.
I was just wondering if it was interesting, for any reason, to girls who like girls.

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i saw the commercial for that

i saw the commercial for that, looked like a pretty stupid and pointless. i don't really play video games and if i did i wouldnt get that for the sole purpose of watching animated volleyball

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Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball

I was going to, but I am sooo low on cash it's sad. I wouldn't actually want to waste my time on playing the game(for one thing I can't stand vollyball), but I'd play it to watch the girls.

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I seen a comercial for it. loosk weird. big tittied video game chicks.

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DOA Volleyball

I'm a girl and I play it. I'm not a lesbian or anything, but I do think it's a good game, graphics, controls, everything...i mean, you get to go shopping! I'm sure a guy would enjoy it more though.