.desperately in need of some advice

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so there's this girl. we'll call her alex. she went to the same camp as i do, and she's drop-dead-gorgeous. short red bob haircut, dark brown eyes, delicate lips, a cute little nose, and... god, she's beautiful. she's funny, and interesting, and has good taste in music. and she's bisexual, and interested in me.

she's everything i've ever dreamed about.

however. we live an hour away from each other, neither one of us can drive to meet the other, and neither of us are out yet. the only chance we'll get to see each other is at her prom (i'm going with one of her male friends, who's doing it as a favor to alex and i), where we can't really be together. we live in eastern kentucky, and there's next to no tolerance. for anything.

it's hopeless, i think, but i love her, and i want this to work. does anyone have any advice, etc? thank you so much.


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An hour isn't that far when i

An hour isn't that far when it comes down to it, the girl i've been seein lives about 40mins away an its not realy an issue. i guess you just gotta make the effort? like get the bus or somethin. i guess if you dont feel ready to come out then you can just say your friends until you feel ready to do it, girls are pretty close as it is so unless it gets mentioned i doubt people will come to the conclusion your dating anways. if its any consolation i only just came out to my friends, who i thought would be really uncool with it. i shouldnt have doubted them for a second, to be honest people dont find it as big a deal as we seem to think they will do. i guess when it comes down to it no advice is gonna sort it out, you jus gota figure out how much this girl means to you.