Do you also miss Riley's Nonsense? I know I do!

My life just doesnt seem as worthwhile without her.
20% (9 votes)
*sobs* thanks for reminding me you insensitive cretin!
40% (18 votes)
Watchoo talking about, Willis (ie: i'm new.)
40% (18 votes)
Total votes: 45


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I truely do miss her. Her rantings, her spiderman internment camp....

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that was Riley who wrote that

that was Riley who wrote that? I miss reading into her life, no body writes a diary like things anymore, saying what they have done from week to week, there are just posts that don't follow on from each other. The spiderman (i'm not gay, I'm not gay, but watching me dance will make you gay)or something like that.
And where's Rachelle's updates of her life along with the other people's post that I read like Dragon and Hol ( i think ).
You were all really interesting to read about

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happened to her in the first place? This must've all taken place when I was not hanging around Oasis much (after the crash).

Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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From what I've gathered in some of her away messages (although I haven't been on AOL for a month), her life is very complicated right now. I hope she's okay....

*slightly apprehensive*

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riley is just very overworked with school atm.
because of the timezone difference , i tend to get online just as she is running somewhere or passing out from sleep deprivation (something i am well familiar with)

She said she will be back when her classes let down some (we can only hope)

I have fond memories of the previous Oasis.. having just connected.. riley's site was the first lesbian site i read extensively , and the first site i got so hooked on i read _all_ the content of.

Our mutual love of counting crows got us chatting (and hard candy was still recorded in jesus' own studio)

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