Early Gay Moments

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Today while at work I had a sudden flashback to one of the first times I was exposed to something excluseively homosexual, and how int influenced me.

It was the summer i turned 18 I was staying at my uncles. I was hosue sitting while they were away on a month long cruise. My uncle had one of thsoe hand held scanners to pick up RF signals, it also picked up cell phone and portable phone comversations. Me being nosey, decided to scan tho and listen to some conversations. I was scanning along the usual frequencies, the regular chatter and talk. THen I came across two men speaking.. they were both on wcordless phones so i could hear each side of the conversation well. The two men were haveing phone sex. It was graphic and made me VERY excited. the men were pretty heavy in the conversations and what they were doing with themselves. And it was just talk. I could hear the noises, the sound of masterbateing with generous amounts of lube, the groans and the moans, and the subsequent orgasms noises the men made.

This I must say is one of the moments that helped me identify that men did infact turn me on. These men had no Idea that I was listening in, however I am sure it would have truned them on that I myself was indeed helped along in more ways then one that nite ;)


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talking of early gay moments,

talking of early gay moments, ok so not all of them are like JB's, but most people must have encountered some. Like a conversation I remember having when I was young enough to know that I was not going to live my life when i was older with a man, but young enough that I did not have sexual feeling for women (or maybe I don't remember them) with my mother.

It was about queen Victoria not believing that lesbains existed and that's why the legal age for sex betwen two men in the UK is 17(i think), but there is no law saying that two females can't have sex with each other at any age (i think that's the reason anyway). Well in this conversation i remember saying that it makes sense for women to facny other women because they are so much better looking than men (sorry guys, personaly opinion) and her agreeing with me.
This may not seem a particularly intersting story, but I just remembered it after forgetting it for a long time. I feels kinda surrel now, like I wasn't part of that event I was merly onlooking it.
Ah well.

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When I was four, I told my mom another girl on the playground "makes me feel like a man." One of my many stories.

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LOL!!! That is priceless. I want to hear more of these stories!

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Playing house

When I was 10 me and my friend Ashley Falsario (yes I remember her name = )....well we were like best best best friends and I remember one day we just started to kiss and then from there we used to play like we were married and we would go in my closet and take "showers" and during one of these showers my mom knocked on the door and I about died. She didnt say anything but I brought the story up a few days ago and she said she knew what was going on hehehe...
Another story with Ashley and I think the most embarassing story I have...well I spent the night at her house and her mom made me a bed of blankets next to her bed. Well she wanted me to sleep with her so I got in her bed and we kissed and then I crawled ontop of her to kiss her and her mom opened the door and saw! Bleh I rolled off as quick as i could and pretended to be asleep. Her mom didnt say anything, just that we were being too loud...heh...

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Ah... the man-feeling crush

Wait a sec... ewww! Man-feeling! Gross!
I always thought guys were gross, and I could never picture marrying one but I seemed to get along better with them, because they "gelled" better together. But they rejected me because the girls thought I was weird, so I turned into a loner. At grade six, when all the heterosexual date-grabbing began, I found a date, but we never even kissed. I spent time with a girl named Leah and I remember wanting to slow-dance with her at dances instead of my "boyfriend" and crying because I wasn't her best friend and I wanted to be so much. That's the earliest I can think of.

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that sounds like my life......except w/ out the "boyfriend" & the fact that i thought i was straight even w/ the "crush"
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"love,love,love,send me your love,simply not enough"-i dunno who tell me plz:)

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I love your stories... :)

I love your stories... :)


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If anyone actually gives a da

If anyone actually gives a damn, the law in the UK as it stands is 16 for anyone to have sex with another consenting over-16.

But it was the case until a couple of years ago that sex between men was restricted to over 18 with no law about women.

Made you look, made you stare, made you lose your underwear!

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early gay moments. i'm trying to think of something prepubescent but i'm not coming up with anything. the summer between 8th grade and freshman year (which would have made me 14) was my realization summer, though. i always thought i was just affectionate (with everyone, hah, being bisexual). and then i met my first crush and she was just so wonderful in my eyes, but i thought that my feelings were normal. well hell, they were normal, but i still thought i was a heterosexual. then, that september when i started HS, i met a senior that was openly lesbian, and all of a sudden "i think i'm bisexual" just spilled right out of my mouth. i'm not sure what would have happened if i had never run into lindsey, because meeting her and talking with her made me realize that it was possible for me, too, to be queer. i don't know how long it would have taken me otherwise.

and then, of course, it all went downhill from there, but that's another story.

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In first grade (early...) the

In first grade (early...) there was one girl who I thought was cute, but I remember thinking that since I'm a girl, it wasn't a crush. I just said that I was jealous of her, because she would be good for the guy that I thought I liked.

Plus in fourth grade I wanted to be different and clever, and so when we had to create myths for the Greek gods, I wrote a gay love story with Apollo. Teacher was...amused.

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Clarissa Explains it all. Sab

Clarissa Explains it all. Sabrina could never do it for me the way Clarisa did. And think about it, there had to be something, how else could a boy just climb into her bedroom all the time without someone harboring same sex feelings...

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one of my first

moments was way back in elementary school. I remember this one girl that made me feel so different. I cried when I had to leave her house. I cried when I moved away from her. I remember wanting to kiss her. Of course living on a military base, teachers told kids that homosexual behavior is wrong. So if you had any of that in stories than you had to re-write it.
Then, instead of having Barbie with a boyfriend, Barbie had a girlfriend. Then Ken had a boyfriend. I thought it was cute.
Ah, the younger years. I miss them.

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not so sexy

9 years old. I was playing on a playground with my younger cousins, my mom, and my aunt. The two adults were wispering to each other. And then I noticed two drunk women making out on top of the slide. Eww!

It's one of those little memories I blocked out of my head until I started thinking I was a lesbian myself.

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my first crush

omg i never found this topic before... this stuff is awesome!

My first crush was on a girl, and I trip out every time I think about this. It was CRAZY, I met this girl a grade above me on my first day at a new school when i was ten, and she talked to me because i didnt know anyone, and showed me around the school... and I never spoke to her again but i was OBSESSED with her... I'd watch her in the playground, I just loved staring at her, I loved her chinese accent and the way her chest jutted out from under her chin when she stood and sang... and all my friends knew her and I was really jealous but I just didnt have the nerves to speak to her, even when I was with them.

I dug up the diary I used to keep way back then and I've written like a hundred pages on her in there. Everything reminded me of her, with a disturbing last remark I wrote with possible underlying sexual implications

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actually, my first kiss was with a girl, back in my "straight" years when i was twelve... we were playing Truth or Dare and she was daring all the girls to kiss HER... and it's funny, we were friends and i'd never thought of her sexually before but for the next week or so i couldnt stop thinking about the kiss. and she's moved away now.. damn. it didnt occur to me then but i'm sure she was gay. she was always yelling at people for using the word "gay" like "that's so gay" and she envied girls with boyfriends but never actually liked any guys. wow... memories... i may have to post here a couple more times...

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We shoulda known....

Me and the boy down the street used to like to play barbies together when we were fiveor six. I always wanted to put the barbies in the same bed, but I couldn't explain why.... Ten years later and we're both bi. Go figure.

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tee heee ============ R

tee heee


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Awe, I love Ben... haha, he w

Awe, I love Ben... haha, he was actually my first bf... 7th grade... wow...

That reminds me, when I was little, I played barbies with a boy down the street, I think he is gay, but I'm afraid to talk to him because I don't think he remembers me. Lol. But we put girls and guys in the same bed, he put guys together, I put girls. We didn't think anything of it. They were happy...


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We shoulda known....

Me and the boy down the street used to like to play barbies together when we were five or six. I always wanted to put the barbies in the same bed, but I couldn't explain why.... Ten years later and we're both bi. Go figure. ^_^

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Marrying her

When I was four I wanted to marry my best friend, but mummy told me girls couldn't marry girls :( She told me I should marry my other best friend, Nathan, and that when I was older I'd understand.

Maybe I'm not old enough, huh. I haven't understood yet. :S

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Eh, growing up is over-rated

Eh, growing up is over-rated anyway.... *grins*

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my imaginary friend

This topic is ancient, but here goes...

I was an eight year old loner, with lots of imaginary friends. They were all girls, and I wrote their names down, and I knew what each of them looked like, but there was one I liked better than the others. She was the perfect girl, the dream girl that I wanted for a real-life best friend, except that she didn't exist.

I had real friends too, so I didn't think about "her" most of the time during the day, but when I was lying in bed, I remember countless times I imagined her lying there with me, cuddling and talking all night.

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ah memories

when i was younger prolly from when i was about 11 yrs old i used to get REALLY overly offended when ever anyone said anything that wasnt completely, and utterly politically correct, especialy when it came to anti-gay comments. i preached to to them my theory that it was ridiculous (and yes im sure 11 y/o kerith used the word ridiculous ;))
i had a great little speech (that scared the hell out of the offenders...and my teachers eeekkk) pretty much it said it should be about personality not sexuality (i duno where i picked that phrase up from, but its stuck with me) and how did they know they werent gonna one day fall for someone of the same sex? *sticks out tounge* so there!!
crazy thing was it wasnt till i was about 14/15 i actualy worked out that i did like girls. the fact that before then id had a nice relationship with my computers access to scanitly clad women, and had kisses two girls (we thought itd be fun to play spin the bottle. with just us girls.) had NOTHING to do with it! i was straight dammit! heehee

-bi the way of kerith-

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when i think bout it now my 1st *gay* memorys were with a girl who lived next door i waz about five and i'm not sure how much older she waz but n e way i remember we kissed a few times nothin to big i mean we were only five but yeah thats what i remember from all that time ago lol

ash can't even think straight

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when i was little 4-7 years i saw some movie w/ 2 girls kissin.....ok.."tounguing" is more of the correct term....& then i tried that on my *college* sis....so pushed me & so i tried my mom...heh...i told that story to my straight friends..*averting eyes*...u may laugh & point now..*runs away cryin & hides in closet*
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
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some1 else's gay moment...heh....

if any1 knows a percilla or something lik that from Divine Saviour school in los angles,cali...thn ur daughter is GAY!! er...lesbian..
she's probablly in 3rd-4th grade now....she told me to kiss her -.-*
hmm...a 2nd grader telling an 8th grader to kiss her... -.-*...ironically im bi ..heh...
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT

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& i didnt kiss her!!!....pervs....
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT

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One word


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O.o ......HUH?

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT

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My epiphany!!

I went to a Girl Scout camp the summer before 11th grade. It was my first time at an overnight camp and I was thrown in a cabin with 11 other people I didn't know. They were all boy-crazy and for 3 weeks obcessed over boys. We had posters everywhere and the favorite phrase was "I want mail from my male". For 3 weeks I was confused over what the big deal was. It was that summer that I realized I was different from all of them. I wasn't attracted to boys and never could. So the torture of one summer freed me from the confusion of my life.

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hmmm, it all makes sense now

amazing how all the little things come together now. There was no one big moment. i just remember being very jealous of some of friend's boyfriends, and wanting to be their boyfriend.

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Hrmmm... When I was in gra


When I was in grade school this guy was being rude and stuck his tongue out at me... I promptly licked it...

Also in grade school a friend and I used to show each other our dangley bits on the back of the bus. It surprises me even today how many people know about that one...

Then of course there's the time I was heartbroken after a good (boy)friend of mine rejected me towards the end of 5th grade... I think I spent like two recesses crying in some remote corner of the playground...

I'm sure there's more that I don't even remember...

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Resurrecting this thread, because I want your replies

When I was younger:

At maybe six, I came across a nearly nude guy (you could see his ass) in one of my mother's news magazines. Later I couldn't find the picture, even though I ended up looking through all of her magazines again.

Then when I was eight or nine, my best friend showed me his dick, but I refused to show him mine. We used to look at his parents' porn magazines, but I remember that while he seemed to be pointing out parts of the female bodies, I was looking at the guys.

When I was eleven, I was in Helsinki, Finland on holiday, and they had pay-per-view porn on the TV in our hotel room. My parents were napping behind a screen, and every time I thought they'd wake up, I switched to CNN. I was more interested in the guys. There was one movie I remember where these guys were captured in the desert by Arabs, stripped and tied up.

And that's about all of the pre-realisation-period hints that I had that I was gay.


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When I was around.. eleven, I guess, I tried to
kiss my friend at a sleepover. Eep. And
I kept, noticeably, looking at his ass. :p

That's the only one that won't kill me with
embarrassment. :D

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matters is what we do."

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last summer (yes, for me that

last summer (yes, for me thats a LONG time ago) i couldn't stop thinking about a girl at camp. fortunately, or unfortunately, she's in my camp this year...i still cant stop thinking about her.

don't wish, don't start
wishing only wounds the heart
theres a girl i know
...i love her so

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Kassie:)my first gay moment h

Kassie:)my first gay moment had to of been when I was around 11 years old. My mom used to take me to the gym with her and afterwards we would go in the locker room to get changed. Well I remembered seeing all of these naked women just standing around and talking. Even at 11 i couldn't help but stare. I used to tell myself that I was just curious. Yeah right. Now there is definately no question about it. When watching t.v my sister tells me to look at all the hot guys but I'm always preoccupied with the gorgeous women. yummy