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So boobs suck. Well, not everyone's, just my boobs. So recently I have been thinking about a breast reduction, because life would be much easier with smaller boobs. I probably wont get one, because I pride myself in loving myself for who I am, and I want to learn to love my breasts in all their bigness. If they were so big that they caused me serious health problems then I would be much more likley to go through with it, but the're not. Anyways so today at school my freind Julio randomly told me "Wow, you've got jugs!" I was sitting across the table from him at lunch and talking to my freind Sam, and he felt the need to blurt this out. Then I was walking home from school later and some guy hanging out at the center yelled to me, "Hey I know who you are, you're Zowhore!" Well my name is Zohar, and in middle school this one guy called me "Zowhore" because first it fit with my name, and second I must be a whore because i've got big boobs. This was a totally different guy who i didn't know or recognize at all. It really got to me because I havn't heard that name since eight grade, and incase you havn't noticed i'm having issues with my boobs right now.


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Fear not

...for they are the immature assholes, not you. Hope the rest of your week fares better. :)

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I had a friend once, she had just had a boob reduction operation four months before we met. Her breasts were big at the time I met her. She told me they took 23 lbs of tissue and fat from her breasts. she was only 18. She wasn't overweight, she just had big breasts. I can only imagine how big they were before!

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