Follow the yellow brick road...

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and where does it lead? To a haven? To a hell? Who knows, lets just follow it... Like life. You don't know where it is going to take you, and yet you press on, through the good times and the bad, you keep on going.

Unless you are me.

My friend called and told my parents. I am going to start seeing a shrink now. I spent the day in guidance, as she tried to pry stuff out of me, then I had to go to th nurse and I guess my mom has arranged for weekly checks with the nurse so she can make sure I haven't cut anywhere. Ick.
I will be getting an actual therapist soon... bigger ick. I know it's for the greater good but still...


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Sorry to hear that, Whats happen to "FRIEND" thats supposed to keep their mouth shut. Or unless you wanted her to tell your parents . i dont know your sisuation.

Hugs, I just hope this turns out okay for you sweetie.

With much luv

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This is just a preconceived notion of mine, but I think people who cut want to be found out. What do you say, since you've got the first hand experience? Is some part of you relieved to be getting help?

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I think part of me did, deep down, I did hide underneath big sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts, but I do think that it is internal instinct trying to get help... somewhere, deep down...
~dragon fairy~

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Vroom, Vroom

Just keep on trucking, is all I can think to say. I guess maybe if you keep hitting life hard enough you'll beat your way through to Nirvana or something. *shrug* I dunno, its far to late to philoso... philosoph.. to spell the big word I want. Two a.m. loves me that way.
As for therapy and such... nurse thing sucks, but shes not so bad. Given that doesn't make it much better... My therapy experience is that so long as you get someone good your set. Confidentiality is a very good thing. It seems evil, I remember. People poking you, trying to get in your head... but once your in the room and your paents leave, and you've got someone who you can talk to, things seem to make more sense. Then again, Im not sure Im making sense. Screw art homework, (is that just wrong or is it just me?! Art homework, for pete's sake....) Im going to bed....

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Sorry to here that hun, like Beryl said, I think it was her, it's all for the best. To make you feel better. We hope. *hugs* feel better.

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thank you ~dragon fairy~