friends with benifits

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what do you think of friends with benifits? my exgirlfriend (of a year ago) that i've been friends with wants to do something like that. i'm not totally sure. i'd like to, but i'm also pretty young and i know what we'll be doing. i've already had experience with her...shes been my first and only lover up to now. but now she wants to do the sex stuff with no attachments at all. meaning that it wouldn't really mean anything, to her at least. i don't think thats whats really bothering me because that doesn't really offend me or anything. it was kind of like that before too. i just hear mixed things about getting hurt or attached or regrets. and the fact that this would be the first time i've gone all the way with someone.

so would it be something good, for fun and experience, or something hurtful and that i'd regret. it could be either or neutral, i guess i have to see if i can take that change. any opinions though?


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I'm an old fashioned girl, but...

I only go to bed with people I love.

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Pleasure without meaning

Pleasure without meaning is like quenching one's thirst with salt water.

My two cents.

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sex does not = love

Well her being your only experience and first gf, mite lead yout o get hurt because of the feelings that may still linger, if it was just friends and no relationship prior, then things mite be different. sex is primal. love is not.
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To be honest its not cool. Ive had a friend with benifit and it doesnt last and they do hurt you. It hurt me alot the last time.

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it's not real.

"friends with benefits" is a fantasy. when it breaks, it usually breaks in a horrid way.

I got * * this close once. So glad it didn't happen.


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