Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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So it's Out In Africa again.. last year I went to see 1 movie.. which was the second movie I had ever walked out of (Beau Travail (sp) , Phantom Menace being the first).

This year however.. there are so many movies I have to go see..

most notably , Fluffer, O Boys , Luster , The Man That I Love, Sex, Politics and Cocktails , Sordid Lives and Webcam Boys (the 'sequel' to 101 Rent Boys)

Also .. wouldnt mind seeing this short film :
South Africa 2002 video 12min
Dir: Francois Coetzee



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I can't recall if I saw luster, but Jonah Blechman who is in that movie was who jer and I just saw last weekend perform as hedwig in SF. Good actor, although not sure if that flick is any good.


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oh adrian

This is fucking fabulous. You are wonderful.

Any relation to SA writer Jm Coetzee?