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Ok today after rehursal i went to this guy's house named Ben. He's a hot little asian number, and the sweetest funniest guy you'll ever meat. But anywho he says he straight but he is always giving me that longing look and doesn't care that i flirt with him (he knows I'm gay) and some times even flirts back. Plus the rehursal is for a play and as I change costumes out of the corner of my eye I see him tracing my features with his eyes. He's the guy that does the lights and i help with that too and we're always vary sacluded (SP) and in extreamly close proximity (SP) and today I was looking in his eyes whike he didn't notice and all of a suddin I find that I'm nearly kissing him and pull back but regreted the pull back as soon as i did it. Should I have just Kissed him?


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u so shouldnt have kissed him. th guy (as sweet as he may be) obviously doesnt no where he stands sexually. wait for him to sort himself out and make a move. if its menna be, itl be, but if u rush it and hes still confused or in denial it really wont work out.