Gays portrayed in the media

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The show Six Feet Under premired it's third season tongiht. I watched with anticipation and excitment because the show is briliantly written and deffinatly th best hour I have ever spent watching TV. The show just happens to feature a gay couple. David and Keith are a disfunctional couple currently going through therapy. Unlike most gays portrayed in the media David and Keith are (in my opinion) believable, not so stereotypical and much more like a normal couple. But David and Keith arn't typical and most of the time gays on tv are stereotypical and far from normal. The media shapes many peoples opinions, and a lot of the time those few gays on tv are the are the only gay people that much of our country is ever exposed to. Do you think that the media does a good job of portraying us? what would you change? do you even think the media matters? im curious...

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decent, balanced queer people on tv? bloody rare. the episodes I saw of Six Feet Under seem to me to be the exception.

of course the media matters. I wish it didn't, but that doesn't mean much. people learn stereotypes -- and learn to challenge them, too -- through media.


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Aside from QAF and such...

Some of the shows I've seen make gay men seem absoulutely desirable. I'm not kidding. :)

Will & Grace makes it seem like you have to have a gay bestfriend to live up to your complete self. Aside from the comic element, I sense that straight people get an odd sense of facination with seeing homosexual men on T.V.

Dawson's Creek broke ground with the character Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). We all thought that he was just going to be another episode theme, used for the drama, and cast aside. Instead, we loved Jack so much that we made him an inseparable part of the cast. He's no longer shy and quite, but daring, cute, and frustrating for the straight women who want him.

Dharma & Greg used to be a gay-themed show, much like Will & Grace but the critics took a lot of heat from people on the religious right, so Greg "turned straight" and married Dharma. He's still "gay", but he sleeps with Dharma. (A hetero woman's dream come true, but an utter denial of reality.) What a shame!

There's even gay british comedies on BBC. I once thought I was watching the britsh version of QAF, but it seemed to "ordinary life", so I turned it to the channel that shows the TV line-up, and I found out that it was actually Masterpiece Theatre (a rather conservative program on public television). What surprised me more was that these were in fact old episodes. I never got to see these on PBS, because they were imported and Americans LOVE to filter out all the gay episodes.

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It's very rare for a television show to portray gays accurately because television hardly portrays anything accurately. Sadly enough, it's such a powerful media that people easily buy into the stereotypes that are shown.