Guess who......

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is sick? ::raises hand:: Yah, I am good at that. Getting sick...I suppose I should sleep more often..Oh well.
My mother and her gf were talking about some strange things this morning. I couldnt really tell exactly what everything was about cause I was trying to sleep on the couch but some of it was about me. Fun fun fun. Grrrowl. I thought she was going to stop giving out my sn and let me find someone to be with when I wanted to, but apparently not. Her and her gf are planning something. I dont know what, but I dont think its a good thing. I have to spend most of tuesday with my mother so I guess I will find out what it is then.
Lena voice mailed me again. I dont think she will ever leave me alone. She told me she cant live with just a friendship and that I do want to be with her, I just dont know it yet. ::sighs:: Not good. !!!!!! I ran into the Allie Monster today when I was in Lancaster with my mother. Grrrrr. She told my mother that her and I have a date this friday. So now I dont know what to say because Allie gave me this "You say anything and you will regret it" look. Someone save me! Please!!!!! Grumble. Just when things were looking up...........


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Eeek! MY Lisa-Kitten!

I'll beat them up for you!

no, really, hmmm... Maybe explain the whole Allie-Monster thing to your mother, just so Allie can't use her to corner you. Maybe stress the fact thats shes bad news and lied about friday, to rouse her motherly instincts? I find snubbish mother-creatures to be a very affective deterant. For Lena, I don't know honey. Persistance, I guess. Ooh, ooh, or you could redirect all the people your mum gives your sn out to to her, and that will either A) keep her to busy to bug you, or B) one of them will hook her!
cya tommorrow!