headtrip it is my friends. headtrip it is.

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what the fuck is going on?! like my exbest friend that completely started hating me forever suddenly and i have been spending time together for evident reason. i completely dont understand it. i dont get it. its completely bizarre. so who knows. he and i, who havent gotten along in two years are getting along so well. why? what a totally spinnytrip. and im trapped in this shit school. wanna be home. with my music. like my guitars (still unstrung) or my keyboard, or new nifty sheetmusic program that writes my songs easily and plays them back in midi format. soo useful. so any who know whats going in anything anymore. headtrip headtrip headtrip. oh yeah-and fucking war. fun stuff. OR NOT. one of the two. so i dont know whats going with that either. for what its worth i did a protection spell on my family and friends and of course my spell. so i dont know what to think anymore. lots of confusion. "ball of confusion, oh yeah, thats what the world is today. oye vey." but yeah um....in the words of a wise mage "im not asking you to believe in me. boy i think your confused, im not pershephany. (how do you spell that shit anyways? oh well). love you all