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This is my first time writing anything online, so give me some nice comments, k?

Obviously, i'm gay. always have been, always will (hear that mom? well, guess not cause u'll never find this website now, will u!) my parents are insanely religious, my dad's an elder at our baptist church of 3000 people. my mom has homeschooled me all my life (what are u laughing at? homeschoolers are cool too!) and so my whole life growing up revolved around church, church kids, homeschool, other good christian homeschool kids. all the way from 7th grade to last fall (11th grade) i had tons of guilt and depression and fears about coming out. my parents had clues last fall when they caught me dating a 23-year-old (stupid) but i convinced them it was a phase. made up some lie about the cute girl i met on the church missions trip to peru. no entirely a lie... and no i'm not bi.

so anyways, they finally let me have a job besides cleaning the church or something. i'm super into photography so i got a job at a target one hour photo lab! it's so awesome, i'm the only guy who works in the lab and the girls are so sweet! they all slowly coaxed me out of my shell to the point where i could be openly gay at work. all the gay guys who work at target are awesome too. (peter, if you ever read this, i luv ya 2 death!!)

december 19th of last year, (i remember cause it was the day after two towers came out!) i was working late, about 9:30 (ok, so not that late... but it sounds cool) and my 21 year old boss jessica was there too. i don't remember exactly what i was doing but i wasn't paying attention at all. a voice said 'boo!' and i faintly thought, 'hmmm, sounds kinda gay' before i kept working. when i finally glanced up i almost fell over! my boss was talking familiarly with a gorgeous blonde guy who looked about my age! at the same exact moment, he noticed me and almost shouted: "awwwww u'r cute!" no joke. i was floored. i'm sure he thought it was the funniest thing in the world. if you've seen my big fat greek wedding it was just like when the girl notices the jon corbett noticing her and freaks out and hides behind the water bottle. i was completely speechless. i turned right back to my work but perked my ears up.

i had to take some chemicals to our back room and dump them out and as i walked back to the lab, i saw him and jessica whispering and then all of a sudden he started jumping up and down with excitement. as soon as they noticed me they changed the subject, ooooo! subtle. i pretended i didn't notice. we talked a little bit more, his name is James, jessica had been a senior at his school when he was a freshman, that made him one year ahead of me, he was bi, and he thought i had the cutest ass he'd ever seen. nine days later, dec. 28, he sent me home from our first date with a hickie the size of a goddamn goldfish! my parents freaked out!

i now have three ex-gay councilors, parents breathing down my neck on all sides, the cutest boyfriend of 4 months ever, a few friends tolerant enough to trust, and i'm actually able to be happy! my shrink put me on anti-depressants which is hysterical cause if you know me, i'm the most bubbly, fun person in the world!

so that's why i'm up at 3:30 typing my guts out. if anyone actually reads this whole thing, i'm gonna laugh! but yeah, now i'm no longer a virgin in regards to this whole internet writing thing! it's fun!


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Cool Post!

(I hope that qualified as a good comment :)

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read it

laugh away

PS, good luck :)

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Glad you found the site. Although, if that is his real name, you should probably edit it, since I don't think everyone who has google needs to know he's bi.


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not that stupid :-)

no, that's not his real name but i changed it anyways.