Hi, I'm not new

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Hey guys, I'm not new to the site, and haven't been around for a few days. I just didn't wanted to say hey and all that jazz. I'm still not un-single and am not for that looking for that unspecial someone: you know, the "bisexual cutter"- that's so my thing. All my friends are doing it. Anyway, if you want to not talk or not do things that I don't like to do- then don't drop me a line. It would be great to not talk to you..hehe.

*Do pick up on the sarcasm please.*

was that necessay? for some, I fear so.


Good *v*ning,

Today I am not using th* l*tt*r *. So, I hav* had a v*ry gay day. I w*nt to th* Op*ra, with my dorm, which was good fun. And th*n I cam* back and hung out with som* straight guys- th*y ar* so funny- alb*it cr*atur*s that I shall n*v*r und*rstand. Anyway, it wasn't r*ally that gay. I'm in a much b*tt*r mood than I was b*for*.

Oh y*s, my fri*nd has b**n having *motional br*akdowns, so I g*t to play psychologist which is *v*r so *xciting.

Anywhoo I f**l that my lif* is on th* way up. But of this- I shall talk latt*r.

Good night,


cray, huh?


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I lov* you *Tg*n. :-)


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Gl#d to he#r th#t you #re bis

Gl#d to he#r th#t you #re bisexu#l #nd # cutter bec#use your friends #re. It's nice to see th#t people are so desper#te to fit in #nd not f#ce rejection th#t they copy e#ch other. Person#lly I feel it is a sh#me th#t people conform to things like not using # certi#n letter. No, seriously, conforming is not #llw#ys th#t b#d.


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I w@nn@ h@ve yer b@bies! J

I w@nn@ h@ve yer b@bies!

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Amaze me

You never cease to so. :-)

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