hiya im new blogger thing and just beeing gay period

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im 14 and just resently found out I'm gay. I was just like OMG I just totally undressed that guye with my mind, and that's how it's been. I'm out to all except my parents (even though im sure they've guessed). Does ant one have any addvice on the gay world or how to tell my parents. Its greatly appriciated. Thanx.
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Coming Out

I wish I could offer you some advice, but I can't. I haven't come out to anyone and I don't plan to for a while. I'm sure my parents have guessed too, like yours. I wish you all the best though.

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people figuring it otu

hey. I dunno about your parents knowing your gay. When i told my dad last year he said i couldn't be even tho you would think it's fairly obvious. I personally don't think it's a good stance when coming out.
well that's my advice :>) good luck.
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would you rather you told the

would you rather you told them, or they guessed and therefore the chance to do it your way has been raped from you. But don't worry, do it in your own time.

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Hello, and welcome

Coming out to your parents is hell, but its a necessary hell that leads to much happiness. I'm sure that there a lot of people on Oasis would willingly offer much advice and support to you, whenever you call. I'm at roland12357. No worries:)
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