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Ryan (a complete jerk) : God, that kid is such an asshole.
Me: Some could say the same about you, Ryan.
Ryan: Well, people say things about you too. DYKE! Oh, no offense.
(god, the way he said the word dyke, I just wanted to shrivel up and die.)
Me (not wanting him to know it bothered me) : none taken.
Mike (another complete jerk) : So, Tere, what did you get your girlfriend for valentine's day?
Me : I don't have a girlfriend, therefore, I didn't get her anything.
Mike : Jeez, she's gonna put you out in the doghouse. No sex for a week!
Ryan: You shoulda come to the gym with us to work out yesterday afternoon.
(starts chucking wads of paper at me)
There was this really pretty girl there.
Me: That's nice.
(I'm doing homework, so I'm entirely not focused on these guys.)
Ryan: She was so hot.
Me: That's nice.
Mike: Does that turn you on? So what are you and your woman going to do tonight?
Me: I'm not gay, Ryan.
Ryan: I bet she's going to go hang out with all her queer friends.
Mike: Stupid dykes.


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Some guys can be complete and total asses. There are some guys at my school that I want to kill sometimes. Augh.

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They can go to hell Tere. If I were near them I would start a total brawl. Vel