I am afraid....

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Of taking my writing and doing something with it. Every one tells me I can write and I have the talent, but in a way I fear it. I fear rejection and negative comments. Although the negativity only provides me with a reason to prove people wrong. I dont know what to do with my writing. I write and write but thats it. And my english teacher doesnt tell us about any writing contest things because in her words "you are honor students and can strive to do better things with your lives". But to me there is nothing better than writing and being a writer. So that kinda puts me in a tough situation. I am highly pissed off that my school dropped Advanced Creative Writing. And since my creative writing teacher is leaving I cant use him as my teacher in an Independent Study next year. I have disliked all but one of my last three English teachers so yet again I am screwed. My first english teacher didnt like me, my second one was the one i liked but she left and my third and present teacher obviously doesnt value writing as much as I do. ::sigh:: My writin' is going to hell.
"Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge
Why did you steal the matches
from the one room motel
once they gave you answers
now they give you hell
they will never understand
they wonder where did they go wrong
how could you be so selfish?
why cant you get along?
And as you pray
in your darkness
for wings to set you free
you are bound
to your silent

Ah gotta love that. Makes so much sense. Ok thanks people, I feel so much better now. Bye!


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All hope is not lost...

two words: Mrs. Muscleman. shes a goddess. Best teacher ever. I honestly want her to adopt me. She runs writing club, and shes sooo great. Talk to her for advise or something, and start coming to writing club! Tuesdays after school in room 32 until 3:30ish! We're kinda crazy, but its so much fun. Our group is the absolute best, honestly... yeah. I love it so.

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I shall.....

Consider it. But it will be difficult because she has had my sister for a while and with the experience I have had with Ms.Hicks.....bad....but I dunno.

~Lisa Fairy~

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Don't worry, be happy...

She won't descriminate, trust me. she had my brother, but shes still awsome to me. I don't think he passed in one assignment on time after first term that year....

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Being a writer...

Although I keep saying I want to be a professional writer, I guess that's already happened, as I've been paid to write as my living for well over a decade now. i just tend to think of writing as fiction/novels, etc., so I don't feel like I've really gotten there yet with journalism and doing corporate nonsense (as he hangs out on oasis and procrastinates about working on his novel tonight).

There are two main components to being a writer: writing and reading. While having a class may get you to crank stuff out on deadline, you're really going to need to not need that motivation. You're going to need to be able to sit down, decide to do it, and crank it out.

So, those are the two elements. Now, writing on Oasis is nice, but it's more journaling
than writing with rare exception. Not that you can't use Oasis for higher-level essay and short story writing, it's certainly the intent. So, write short stories, fictional or memoir, start to find your voice.

When you're not here, read voraciously. I made this mistake and I'm still paying for it. Just read every classic book you find, because there is a reason they are classics. Read current stuff, too, although I will warn you that most gay/lesbian books aren't good. There are wonderful exceptions to that statement, but most are pure beach reading.

In any event, as you read, you'll find stuff you like, stuff you hate, and a lot in the middle. But all of them will help you find your voice. If you dislike something you read, you will have learned different styles and techniques that don't resonate with you, so everyting is a learning experience.

But I wouldn't put too much emphasis on whether you can get credit for a writing class. Once you're out of school, most deadlines for writing are your own, so start early.


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There are numerous times....

That I kick myself for procrastinating and depending on others to determine when I write and when I dont. I read as often as I can. I constantly have a pen and normally a book. Its hard for me however, because my mother doesnt exactly look at writing as a career and my father despises it. I think its the one thing they agree upon these days. They discourage it. Lately however I live to write. I eat breathe and sleep writing and the words just dont want to stop. I utterly love it! I want to aspire to be a writer and that is my intention. I dont think I will ever stop writing and if it werent for the fear inside, I am pretty sure I can attain my goal...now if it wasnt for that fear.....All I know is I am trying.......OK yah I completely hate what I just wrote. It may be true but damn I sound so ridiculous. I enjoy writing, I live for writing, and thats all that matters. No one should be able to discourage my ambitions or destroy them. And I wont let it happen. So thank you, is what I meant this whole comment to say. That advice is something I am sure I will remember and I am grateful you took the time to respond. Sometimes I can be such a blonde.....::grins::...not always a bad thing....lol.

~Lisa Fairy~