I am having one of the worst days of my life.

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Frames still suck, and i'm being forced to make them against my will , better judgement and professional advice. It's like selling you soul to satan , except with the express intent that he violently and repeatedly anally rape you with a broadsword. You can see the end result.. but you are rapidly careening towards a cliff with no breaks and still accelating insanely.

On top of that it's been a very tense day , I havent slept.. i got some very bad news regarding a very close friend of mine, whose entire future now hangs in the balance and the hands of some other undisclosed person. I havent slept. My favorite club is closing .. and I've had this feeling of impending doom for the last month that my 'party' days are over.

I am going to miss my 'social life' , although .. I have been finding myself 'cocooning' more and more. In the last three months , I have gone out clubbing once, and while that experience was enjoyable.. I felt past my prime... (and I am only 21 for fucksakes). Oasis has been taking up a fair amount of my time, but it's mostly because I know that It's worth my time doing it. The friendships I've made here seem so much more real than the lip service we pay to acquaintences ex shags etc.

I need to meet someone nice .. a proper boyfriend.. I think it's time , since I really want/need a compassionate soul that i can actually reach out and touch sometimes.


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Gay MIddle age

Adrian my dear,
I too went thro what you are going thro about 2 years ago. not going out anymore, and feeling disconnected with your old friends and old scene, the memories were a blast, the boys cute. but thats the way it is. its evolution. you have reached gay middle age. I thought I could never give up clubbing. it was an addiction. I tried to give it up in 1999. I even left the city to stay with friends. i literally ahd convulsions from the clubbing withdrawl. gradually tho, over the last two years i have cut it out. its a progression. i was going 4 times a week, cut it down to weekends, then every other weekend then onc a month etc.

it can be done,, and remeber, gay middle age has some perks aswell. think of the $$$ u will save ;)


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are you saying Drupal has frames support? Dude, that rocks!