I hate my closet....

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Grarl! I hate being in the closet. I hope that my High School will have a Gay Straight Alliance. If not I am gonna have to start one. I hope there are other queer people there also, because who would join if there wasnt.............. ugh....


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If you start a GSA, make sure

If you start a GSA, make sure that people know that you have an annonomys policy. That will make people a lot more comfortable about joining and you will probably be more likley to get members.

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I hate it too, you want peopl

I hate it too, you want people to know so badly, because until they do it's like they don't really know you, but your so scared they'll find out, because you don't know how they'll react, some times i'll be with my friends and out of no where I think "god, i'm going to have to tell them soon" People say that they're not real friends if they can't except you for who you are but it doesn't make any difference really. Why can't people carry on hating me for who I am, like they do now?