I have a dream!

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The view zooms in onto me as I am now, vulnerable but bursting with potential. I am building an armada of accepting friends with whom I can take on the entie city. My gayness becomes less and less ignorable, but my confidence grows as I gain success in shows. Soon no-one can cut me down by spewing, "Fag!" because I am too strong. Too strong, too smart, too involved...and high school, the horror which everyone must crawl out from, instead launches me into fame and fortune. And meaningless sex...black-haired men and sculpted adonises weave in and out between my legs as I rise through my career...and by the time I'm too old to adopt kids and start a family, I've reached the top. But I'm hollowed out--empty and alone. I die too young, the world thanking me for helping it while ignoring myself.....

The view zooms in on me as I am now, vulnerable, but bursting with potential. Fear of myself and the rest of the school forces me to crawl along in the ditch of low profiles, and I emerge from high school safely, but too discouraged to chase my dreams. I find love quickly, and spend night every entangled in the arms of the man I've been searchign for. Our lives twist around each other, until we have children, and then their lives and ours are braided into a family. We march through the world with all the other billions of family braids. My love and I fade out eventually, but our braid continues on, moving ever forward in time, and our legacy is known within it, and nowhere else in the world.

Wouldn't be cool if I had so much insight that I narrowed my entire life down into two paths? Which path would I follow? Does fate rule the lives of those who don't believe in it? Have they cruelly instilled their visions for me into my own mind, so that I can regret my actions before they happen?

I think maybe this would be more effective as a poem than a rant. Any thoughts?


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Thanks...I guess...

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Combination of the two

Life is never so clear as A or B- it is what is in between. Can not you have love and be strong? Potential runs through us all, and we can become anything. Life is about choices. No one can choose but you and yourself. Whatever path you choose shall be the right one. It may be hard, and perhaps you may never play life the same way if you were to come back- but then you can only play life once.

"If I were to do it all over again, I would be a botanist." John Cage, American Avant-garde composer.


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possibly more effective as a poem, although i find most of my poetry starts as a rant anyway.

why would you want to narrow it down to two paths? go for the best in everything!