I just thought of some quotes!

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Okay, I thought of some quotes and I want some people to tell me if they are original:

"To truly see a person, you must first close your eyes."

"Don't judge people, judge yourself."

Hopfully more to come!


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Perhaps you can explain the first one so I can understand it?

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the explaination.

It's basically saying that in order to truely be able to judge someone, you have to get rid of an influence that appearance makes. Annoyingly, what we see makes a huge difference in how we judge the world around us. Without even realizing it, we make judgements about people based on how they look rather than how they really are. It's basically just a cool way of saying "don't judge a book by its cover."

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Surely then, meeting people over AIM is the safest way to judge someone. Because over it everyone is honest. Sex criminals use MSN, which is a whole different story.


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