i just want to be seen and heard, please, please

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I am so fucking angry i am shaking with rage. i can't even sit still. I am just in total break down mode. i know if i cut right now i would go way too far and most likely end up leaving forever. I don't even know what i am angry about!? I just want to be seen! thats why i don't eat, becasue i am never seen! i just want to be seen for what i am! i don't give a fuck what i look like as long as i am seen! nobody sees me anymore, i am problems, issuses...not a person! i can't satnd not being seen! why have i resorted to starving myself?? how does that solve anything! i don't know i hate not knowing! WHY!??? i can't stand it anymore! why why why?? what is wrong with me? what did i do...why did i lose control!? why am i fucking feeling like this? i can't go on any longer without love, i can't go on without being seen,i can't go on anylonger acting like this! this isn't me, but who or what is it? i am that fucked up!? i guess i am! i ahve so much energy and rage without any place to go that ican't even sit still! why am i so angry!? just please please anyone please help me i just wanna talk to sombody who will just listen i wanna be heard and seen again! sombody just please listen...please


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hey, i'm here for you if you

hey, i'm here for you if you need someone to talk to. my AIM name is tissuepaperheart. i'm going through the same thing right now, its really hard. *hugs*

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To be heard....

I understand, and if you need to speak out, IM me at either AOL, Nexmors, or Yahoo Instant, Artistravenskull. All you need is someone to talk to right now, it's going to be alright.