I know....

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I said I was going to run away from Oasis, but I had to come back. I was having an off day yesterday...yah......
So uh I may date this girl...::grins::...but its not definite because we havent talked enough yet to determine what we are going to do. But whatever....Even though I like someone else, I dont think that that someone else likes me....as sad as that makes me.....La la la al al al. I hunted down my creative writing class notebook, and wow at one point I could actually write. I wrote some interesting things near the end of that class....my teacher wrote some interesting stuff...he made side comments about the lack of attention from my fellow classmates and the greater lack of writing....I am like kinda happy today....got a new hair cut last night...it looks terrible but its a change....and I dunno...I guess its the weather but suddenly I feel happier....I want to find a new, healthier relationship to be a part of to wash away the bad from the Allie monster....that will most definitely improve my happiness...that and I am trying to get off scissors(dont ask) and advil....so I am being open minded....so yup...thats about it....any advice? anyone? any comments? ANYTHING?!?...just kiddin' peoples! No pressure.


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I'm happy for you, hon... And the hair cut does look good! I'll always be here for you, *smooch* Good luck!!

~dragon fairy~

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I swear its the weather. It makes everything seem more resonable. I like your hair cut!! Its just wierd because its new, in a day or two you'll like it to.