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I have previously blogged today but this has become similar to an open book journal for me and in a normal (what the fuck is normal?) situation I would write whenever the need arose. The need is now.
Feeling a lot of anguish right now and I wish I could pinpoint why. Something inside of me is hurting and if I had to guess what, I would say my heart. But yet again I don't know why. One moment I am all right and the next on the verge of tears. All I know is I am struggling with some pain and some issues but there is no one for me to talk to.
In a sense I guess I miss the Allie monster because at some points when our relationship was okay, we could talk to one another.
I miss my friend Chrystal. She was the one person I was very close to. She moved away. Damn the interminable distance between us.
Feeling hurt, feeling lonely, need to talk, going to go cry. Thanks for letting me rant to a semi-understandable place. I wish I was close to someone.


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hey, if you or anyone needs t

hey, if you or anyone needs to talk, my im is bLaZiNgNoOdLeS.. feel free to im me anytime i'm on (through helping my friends with things, i've found i have some vast amount of patience.. i dunno where it comes from)

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Not much

I know I'm not that important and I know I haven't been here long, or much, but I am here...

~dragon fairy~