I know it's a day late....

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but did anyone give up anything for lent?

I gave up procrastination. doubtful it will work though.

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I dont celebrate, but my freinds have forced me to give up bighting(sp?) my fingernails anyway.

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spell check

It's biteing but thats ok I once fotgot how to spell "of" i kept on spelling it "ov" hehehe
Any way love peace and chicken grease

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I am an atrocious speller (in case you didn't notice already).

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Haven't given up anything

I'm supposed to, but I haven't.

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Procrastination? I never tried that one. Let me know how it works for you, I need to figure out some strategy to reform my procrastinatory ways before I go back to school in the fall.

I gave up chocolate and alcohol.

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I am not relegious

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I second that.

I second that.

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candy and soda. The soda's not so much a problem, but I do have a habit of spending all my change on candy in the vending machines downstairs. Now I'll actually have quarters when I need to do laundry... :)

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Last year, I had a, um, "competition" during lent...Yes, we tried to see who could go the longest during lent without masturbating. It was at an all boys Catholic highschool, so most people didn't last a week, then we found out that there was some cheating and stopped. So we may do that again, but who knows. NO worries:)

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didn't they do that on Sinfeld once?