I Wish His Arm Was Around ME

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I went to a friend's house tonight to watch movies, and eat pizza and whatnot. My friend "Amanda" was there with her boyfriend, "Dave". I have known him for awhile, and I finally tonight realized that he's what/who I want. We were all sitting on these couches in the dark watching a movie. His arm was around Samantha, it was the cutest thing ever. He looked so cute in the dark light. I realized, "I WISH I WAS WHERE SHE IS NOW!" I don't know if I have feelings for "Dave" or not, it just seemed so right then. He is so cute, you don't understand, the scrawny little guy. lol.

I went to Chicago with my mom this week. It rocked, a little too frigid for my tastes, but whatever works. We spent like 2 hours walking around downtown because we didn't know how to get to the Navy Pier. We sidetracked majorly, and it turns out that our hotel was only a short walk from the place. We just got REALLY bad directions. lol.

Am I the only one addicted to Fraternity and Sorority Life on Mtv? I think those shows have subliminal messages.......

Be back later.


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i feel ur pain, hun!

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Don't we all...