I'm Bi-Sexual

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Its something that has been on my mind for some time now. thoughts that I was too ashamed to admit. BUt after talking with people and watching the documetry link jeff posted, I have decided that I am infact Bi. I cannot deny it anymore. My unexplained fascinatiion of breasts can now be explained! I look forward to exploreing this whole new world, now that I am being oepn about my true feelings!
of course i am just joking!


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Happy Pride

You know, the thing about sexuality is that it's just so damn malleable. Fluid.

Friction is friction. Fuck is fuck. Lust is lust. Love is love.

So fuck and lust and love and make friction with whoever you feel like making it with. Privilege the way you feel, and it is about the way you feel, over whatever it is you think others expect you to feel.

There's no shame in just being. As is.


And, now we can shag.

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Thats cool, theres no ashame of exploring your options. Just try to solidfy your curiosity and see how you jmight like it. Ive also had fastination with breasts for some time a while but I knew its not going to be possible for me to mix with another girl. I am full on gay and I am a girl wanna be. Transexual has crossed my mind but I feel more at peace with being just me, being an eccentric boy. I love my weiner, and i;ll be damned if I decided to have it turned into a pussy.

Anyway, explore at your own free will!!!

*Fondle away*

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is this some kind of joke? ive been comming to this site as a guest for a realy long time and all you ever do is bash the fence sitting trendy indecisive bi-sexuals who post here. and i think that this post is completly disgraceful its a total slap in the face to all of us that really have had to battle with our sexuality. but maybe you are being serious and if you are then wow. oh my god weve just identafied the poster child for bisexual biphobics. congradulations jb, your an asshole. -petra


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Well now, if the one and only

Well now, if the one and only JB will relent and admit a fascination for breasts, maybe I'll have to fly out to him and...no, sorry.

I just don't think I can be open like you, Bry. But I'll work real hard and stare at bananas so maybe I can join you.


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How could you...

Oh JB... I had so...so much hope for you. The shock of you being infatuated with looking at other women. How.. *sob*...could you.

I fear that this is to much. Today my mother gave birth to quintuplets. Three of them died of SIDS. My mother was in such shock that she tossed little jimmy to Butcher the Rottweiler. Little Jimmy didn't last long, and poor old butcher choked to death on little jimmies left leg. When Butcher died, my step-father started to shot up on heroine. But he was so high off the LSD that he had just done the he that he injected not heroine but an arsenic compound- and dropped dead two hours latter.

And now this.

JB likes breasts.

Thank heavens for the knife...


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I miss one day of looking at blogs...

and this is what happens? LOL! So JB, that next level, hehe, I'm so ready!

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Wow, I'm surprised at the ove

Wow, I'm surprised at the overbearingly negative comments posted here. Actually, I'm almost disgusted.

Ok, not that I think biphobia is fine by any means (bi any means - oh aren't I clever), because I definitely share my own feelings of resentment toward it... but, hell, why can't we celebrate the revelation of the self here??

Anyway, good for you JB. Doesn't it feel like the most amazing release, being able to recognize a part of yourself like that? Well, it's thrilling for me =). Being bisexual is confusing, but then again isn't everything else? Happy trails :).

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I figured it's about time for a non-mocking comment.

Welcome to the fold of those of us who are open to finding our soulmates in people rather than in genders. One thing I have to point out though is: Liking breasts are one thing, but pussy is quite another. They can be quite gross at first. That and I've had a couple of bad examples. But anyway, just thought I'd give a more positive comment. Tell all those gays and str8s who critize you that they can Fuck Off and Die.

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how rude

Actually I think you are quite rude. "tell all the gays and str8's to fuck off" if that doesn't foster feelings of hate and resentment? and finding a soulmate in a person? give me a break, i never said I was looking for that! i want sex not a fucking soulmate.

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An interesting turn of events...

If this were Dynasty or Dallas...I would definitely call in to work tomorrow to catch the next turn of events...

None the less, Good Luck with your new found desire...I'm sure it wasn't easy to come to such a realization. Jason

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!