In a black tank and zebra shorts...

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Not a lot to say other than the fact I'm in PJ's and going off to a rehearsal at 1pm for Cinderella with another member here who hasn't posted anything. [Cough! TripleThreat86 Cough!] I was out and about last night in good ol' Old Town Pas when I was going back to my friends car and these guys were whistling and flashing their lights at us.

Now, it us a bit annoying. Just a bit. So I walk over to give them the hint it really doesn't work on girls. And with the Amstel Light in his hand, the passenger seat boy said to me, "My dad owns the construction company around here. Are you single?"

"No, I'm gay."

"You're Bi?"

....Do these words sound alike? They don't look too much alike.

It pisses me off because it goes back to comment that I don't look "gay" enough. Because I wear makeup. Because I fix my hair. Because I'm a size 5 and like wearing clothes that at times accentuate my body. Because I love wearing cute lingere (and will spend way too much money on it?)

When "dykier" girls get tattoos or piercings, they do it to adorn their body as I like to do with makeup. I like to bring out my eyes or lips.

I'm not going to go on a "lipstick lesbian" pride rant, but sometimes stereotypes get on my nerves a little.

And as for the boys, I left and they flashed their lights more and waved money around. If there is any higher power in the world they got a DUI that night becuase I was MORE THAN TEMPTED to call the police with their license numbers.