Innocent, or so I had thought....

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I went out with Will, I don't know if I have said anythign about him lately. We only dated for 3 days. The convo we had that we started going out:

Tasha: R u still going with that Ella girl?
Will: No, why?
T: just wonderin
W: do you like me?
T: maybe
W: why do you want to go out with me? for sex?
T: lol...I can get that from others...j/k I don't know. I just like you.
W: Ok, I will go out with you. when do you want it?
T: huh? want what?
W: to have sex
T: i was just asking to go out, not sex
W: well you know where to find it.

Nice convo, huh??
Well, my friend Casie asked me about me, and he said he was just making me think I was going out with him to have sex with me, and he was dating a junior. So I broke up with him.

This dude in my class who is extremely hott, asked me to give him head, lol..I told him no. I'm going with two people right now actually. Rachael, and my ex, James. James told me he is fine cuz I am dating Rachael. Rachael thinks James hates her... *sigh*

Rachael is mad at me, and said when I'm around James, I ignore her. I talked to James and he said I ignore him when Rachael's around. Damn, I can't please anyone.

Joey called me yesterday and asked me to break up with James to go with him. But hell no! I like Joey, but he did this when I was dating Trevor and when we broke up, Joey went out with someone esle and ignored me!

Misty, my ex-girlfriend, who is still my friend was writing back and forth with me, and I was depressed, so I put that no one likes me. So told me then that she liked me and asked if I wasn't dating Rachael, if I would date her....
I'm supposed to go to her house on her birthday (March 30, but I'm going March 28.) and sleep over. Plus two other girls who are bi are going to be there and their brother, Eric, who is dating Misty. They all are going to be smoking weed. I don't smoke weed, so I would probably just do something esle then.

Anyways...I can't think of anymore.

Anyone ever get on Queertopia? (, I post on the boards alot. My username is craves_blood, just like this one.

I got a new Neopets name, so I have two now: craves_blood, and mybabyrachael
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