it's a crabby morning

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The only thing more depressing than opening your email account and having 0 messages is opening your second account and having 0 messages there, too.

Okay, I know... actually lots of things are more depressing. But this morning that one takes the cake.

On another I'm-tired-and-crabby-and-need-to-go-to-bed note, winter needs to go away right now. I have nothing at all against winter, in fact I'm rather a fan of snow, but it has OVERSTAYED IT'S WELCOME. Two days of beautiful 50 degree weather made last night's bitter cold doubly hard to deal with. I'm ready for spring!!!


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it could be worse

another depressing thing is when u open ur third one and have no messages there..

50 degree? i take it ur working n f not c. ur right thou, winter could do wit naffing off now.

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Does it take that long to actually write out complete words? I have no idea what " i take it ur working n f not c" means. Perhaps I am stupid, but than I do I speak English and not crazy talk.


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ooh, ooh! ::raises hand::

After much analysis, I do believe the phrase in question means, "I take it you are working in Fahrenheit not Celsius."

You know, Middle English is easy in comparison.

~Linds, reading yet more Chaucer tonight

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You're right, that's depressing too. :P But not as bad, because it's mostly a business account.

And complete words are a bit easier to understand... not exactly sure what you were getting at in that second sentence either.

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I got up this afternoon and I had an email in the first account and FIVE in the second. When it rains it pours! :) See what a good night's sleep can do for you?!